Pastoral letter to the Ukrainian nation (11.9.2013)/+ video/

Lvov (Ukraine), 11 September 2013


Dear Christians,

as representatives of God on earth, we address You with a pastoral letter. We make a diagnosis, prognosis and conclusion concerning the current situation.

New World Order (NWO) and Original Sin /Part 3/ (+ video)

Lvov (Ukraine), 25 August 2013


Man has not only reason and free will but conscience too. Conscience needs to be formed properly in order to distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood.

Man is influenced by good which comes from God but also by evil which comes from the spirit of evil. To whom he unites, him he serves – either God or the devil and his anti-order (NWO). The order of God brings life, the devil’s antiorder brings death.

An Appeal to the Government and people of the USA (+ video)

Lvov (Ukraine), September 4, 2013


On September 3, 2013 President Obama won congressional approval to bomb the independent state of Syria.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, together with all true Christians and people of good will, categorically protests against this international crime!

New World Order (NWO) and Human Rights /Part 2/ (+ video)

Lvov (Ukraine), 23 August 2013

President of the Czech Republic V. Klaus says: “The emerging world government started with an at first glance innocent exchange of civil rights for so-called human rights.” The term ‘human rights’ covers global promotion of moral perversion, homosexuality, transsexuality, euthanasia, stealing of children from their parents… Nowadays “human rights” are a guise for perpetration of the most blatant injustice and destruction of the fundamental rights of every individual. Basically, a system of modern slavery, total control and loss of whatever freedom is being established.

Round table on the topic: Pope Francis I approves homosexuality

As for Francis’ statement “Who am I to judge gays?”, God’s Word says clearly: “But who are you to rebel against God and His law?” God calls it an abomination and so it is an abomination.

Today, all big international organizations, such as the UN, PACE, EU, are unanimous in the promotion of homosexuality. This is evidenced by various resolutions, documents, recommendations etc.

We are obliged to obey God and God’s law. God calls you today to obey Him, the One Almighty God, to keep His law and not to fear real criminals – UN, EU, PACE, Francis I.

The abomination of desolation standing in the holy place (+ video)

Lvov (Ukraine), 15 August 2013


The First Vatican Council in 1870 settled the infallibility of the Pope when speaking ex-cathedra as an article of faith.

The Second Vatican Council in 1965 uttered a heresy about reverence for pagan religions, de facto reverence for pagan demons. Pope John Paul II caused this heresy to take flesh in the Church by his gesture in Assisi. This heresy de facto places Christianity on the same level as the pagan worship of demons. This Pope is also responsible for the heresies of the historical-critical method due to his silence. This method denies the foundations of the saving faith, the Divinity of Christ and Divine inspiration of Scripture.

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Word of life

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.”

Eph 2:8-9 (21/5/17 – 4/6/2017)