President Trump, US Bishops, pseudo Pope

January 23, 2017

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Dear members of the Episcopal Conference,

the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, which currently exercises a prophetic ministry in the Church, hereby addresses You. Today Jesus says to You through us: “Unless you repent, you will all perish!” (Lk 13:3)

Being shepherds of God’s people, You are bound to lead Catholics to eternal paradise, but You are leading them to hell! Are You blind and did You not see that Obama’s and Clinton’s programs were a suicide of Christianity, America and the entire planet? Do You not know about God’s warning that for the sin of Sodom God’s punishment – fire from heaven comes down on nations? (cf. Jud 7, 2Pe 2:6) Do You not know that chip implantation in the hand or forehead with the number 666 (Rev 13, cf. Obamacare) calls down God’s punishment associated with diseases, various disasters and finally the lake of fire? (cf. Rev 14:9-10) America has the Sword of Damocles hanging over it – a potential volcano eruption at Yellowstone Park.

We ask: Whom does the leadership of the US Episcopal Conference actually serve? Like the present-day Vatican they serve the NWO architects for Judas money! Their plan is satanic globalization, destruction of Christianity and genocide of the planet (reduction to a golden billion). The fact that You serve Antichrist is testified by the following:

1) You did not write warning pastoral letters when Obama declared homosexuality to be a foreign policy priority. Why?

2) You did not write against gender ideology which denies the fundamental realities of human nature and is contrary to God’s law. Why?

3) You did not appeal to the Muslim world to stop persecuting Christians, cutting their throats and committing terrorist acts. Why? You did not remind mankind of the tragic 100th anniversary of the genocide of the Armenian nation perpetrated by Muslims. Why? 1.5 million Christians were sadistically wiped out at the time!

4) Instead, You write hypocritical pastoral letters in which You promote illegal migration, even though You know that it is planned and financed by the NWO architects. You placed the Dominican monasteries at the disposal of these illegal immigrants, among whom there are IS terrorists too. Their aim is the Islamization of the USA and the destruction of Christianity. Using pious phrases You show no mercy but rather participate in the suicide of Christianity. You are publicly forcing Islamization on the President too, although You know he is radically opposed to IS and terrorism. It was not only the former US Presidents and the CIA who served the NWO globalists but also the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the apostate Vatican, especially now under Francis. Do repent now and separate from the NWO as well as from pseudo Pope Francis!

In a miraculous way, God gave the USA a President who on the very first day of his inauguration rolled back LGBT rights, i.e. homosexuality, thus preventing the curse and the punishment of fire (Jude 7), rolled back chip implantation the punishment for which likewise is the lake of fire (Rev 14:9-10 ), and clearly declared the fight against IS and terrorism.

False Pope Francis is a tool of the NWO architects, and his goal is self-destruction of Christianity and Europe, and promotion of Satanism. Owing to Your unity with him, You are collaborators in crimes against humanity. You likewise are under God’s curse. According to Gal 1:8-9 and the Dogmatic Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, not only Bergoglio is an invalid Pope but You also are invalid bishops if You are in spiritual unity with him in the heretical spirit! You are under God’s curse which has fallen on the apostate Vatican.

How could 45% of Catholics, for whom You are responsible, elect a person who had on the agenda radical promotion of homosexuality, even at the cost of imprisoning Christians if they remain faithful to God’s commandments?

Archbishop Dolan set a bad example. Before the election, he invited both Clinton and Trump to a benefit concert. He stated that whatever the outcome of the election, the Church would seek to cooperate in both cases. He did know that their pre-election programs were contradictory! We ask therefore: In what respect was he willing to cooperate with Clinton? Did he mean to promote homosexuality? Or chip implantation? Or Islamization? Or satanization? Or genocide of humanity?

In addition, You, US Bishops, continue to support Vatican policy on so-called human dignity. This term is a guise for the promotion of homosexuality and all sexual perversions. Unless You break with the spirit and program of the present-day Vatican, You will sabotage the revival process in the US in the interest of the NWO.

It is a shame that due to previous US Presidents Islamists enjoy special privileges in public places – ritual washing facilities in schools and at airports, no one can say anything critical about their ideology, they supervise textbooks… This de facto leads to the introduction of sharia law. In this situation, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issue documents on so-called resumption of dialogue and state that they are “not indifferent to (so-called) oppression of Muslims in the United States”. Your true aim, however, is to enforce Islamization following the example of pseudo Pope Francis!

We ask: Do You as Bishops defend with the same vehemence the truly persecuted and suffering Christians in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt or Syria? No! You are hypocritically silent. For several years now, these countries have seen repeated bombings of the Christian churches on Christmas Day; there have already been hundreds of deaths. You are hypocritically silent on these martyrs and crimes of Islam! You are also silent on the provocative cutting off of the heads of Christians in recent years as well as on 250 four-year-old children massacred in Syria before Christmas 2016 in a dough kneader! These are not defended by You, Bishops! Why are You silent? Because You serve NWO globalists!

How shall You, Bishops of the United States, repent?

1) Choose orthodox Catholic bishops to lead the Church and start restoration of the Church by true repentance.

2) Appeal to pseudo Pope Francis to publicly apologize for the gross denigration of Your President and to resign from office.

3) The entire US Episcopal Conference shall separate from the apostate Vatican. You will thus separate from the curse and set an example to the whole Catholic Church so that she may start the process of restoration!

4) Continue in this state of Sede Vacante until a true Catholic Pope is elected. This Pope can then start a restoration process in the Church similar to that started by President Trump in the political sphere!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


Copies to:

-       US President and Government

-       Vatican Secretariat of State

-       Mass media


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