An Appeal to the Government and people of the USA (+ video)

Lvov (Ukraine), September 4, 2013


On September 3, 2013 President Obama won congressional approval to bomb the independent state of Syria.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, together with all true Christians and people of good will, categorically protests against this international crime!

These actions of international criminals and murderers of humanity are part of the planned autogenocide of the individual nations and our planet. The power behind the scenes is a group of the Illuminati and world bankers who are dedicated to Satan. Their co-workers are all Masons, political and religious leaders who abandoned their conscience and reason and sold their souls to Satan for a promised career and mammon. Some of them had a sword touched to their throat in token of their allegiance to Satan to the point of death.

At the present time, the apostate Church hierarchy has elected pseudo Pope Francis. He is a false prophet of the same spirit as the Illuminati and world bankers who are dedicated to Satan. Using pious phrases, he deals the last fatal blows to the crucified Christ in human souls. He employs tactics of psychological manipulation and evasion. Owing to his silence on heresies, syncretism and demoralizing gender-homosexualism he is co-responsible for the forthcoming global catastrophe. His attitudes are contrary to the Gospel and the Spirit of Christ. He does not allow the Catholic Church to repent. That is why the souls are no longer delivered from the power of the devil and brought into the kingdom of Christ. Francis and the apostate hierarchy serve the Antichrist and lead the souls to eternal perdition.

Humanity is now in the apocalyptic end times. These are described by the prophetic words of the Bible about mass apostasy, abomination of desolation in the holy place, the beast with the number 666 and chipping related to it, apocalyptic events, Gog and Magog, and world catastrophe. Autogenocide of humanity, programmed by Satan and his servants, is already being perpetrated in secret.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate therefore appeals to the President, Government and people of the United States of America to repent. Maybe God will delay the impending disaster which is a punishment for the crimes they commit against their people and against other nations. Let every Christian in the USA make a promise to God these days to stand before God in prayer for one hour every day. This will create a net of constant prayer day and night, and perhaps God will not yet pass judgment upon America. Jesus through us today says to the American people again: “Unless you repent, you will all perish!”

What is the first step of repentance? Stop on the way to perdition. Stand in the light of God! Confess your sin before yourself and before God. This should be fundamental to your one-hour prayer. Also, in the light of this truth realize your own death. You will be judged by Jesus Christ before all mankind. Your sins and impenitence opened your heart to demons and united you with them. You are in danger of suffering eternal torments in communion with them. Jesus is now waiting for your repentance so that He may be your Savior and not a Judge. Do not reject Him! Otherwise, you will suffer a just punishment both here on earth and after death.

The second step of repentance is the duty of the American people to bring intense pressure to bear on the President and Congress to stop the genocide of Syria.

Today Jesus calls through us: “Unless you repent, you will all perish!”


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr               + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


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